Call of application for abstract presentation during Youth for Village Conference2018

Rwanda Village Community Promoters (RVCP) is non profit, non governmental, non religious student run organization at University of Rwanda. It aims to improve the living conditions of underprivileged people in village community and empower the student volunteers.
It is in this regard that RVCP intend always for regular and incessant hands-on skills to our volunteers and members so as to enable our volunteers to help in the establishment and sustainment of living conditions in our local underprivileged communities.

RVCP through the capacity building and research office is organising the youth for village Conference 2018, with the theme “Youth engagement in grassroots community development towards SDGs 2030”

This conference is intended to bring together RVCPians, external partners, civil societies, governmental & private institutions, local & international NGOs, researchers and other interested people to discussing the role of advocacy and community development toward all the goals of SDGs agenda 2030.

This Conference is intended on the 14th-15th December 2018.

This call of application is to give a chance to young researchers and professional researchers the chance to present their works during the Youth For Village Conference 2018 and the detailed requirements are listed below:
– The author will choose among the three topics of the sub-themes of the conference to write on.
-The abstract presentation will be presented as oral presentations during the conference exhibition.
-The author will be given scholarships to attend the conference and certificates of recognition for their great work.
-The principal author is allowed to have not more than two co-authors and he/she should have a supervisor.
-The principal author should send his/her research paper on:

The sub-themes of the Youth For Village Conference 2018 are:

o Ecosystem based approaches in rural prosperity
o Youth participation in village community health
o Young women at the core of rural development

Don’t miss, start applying now!


Top 10 Abstracts will be chosen by the scientific committee team and among the ten abstract, three best abstracts presentations will be selected for oral presentations.

Good luck!!

Deadline is on the 5th October 2018

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  1. Simeon Nzacahinyeretse

    Wonderful project

  2. Patrick Elie Imanishimwe

    I am excited to join this worthwhile journey to design solutions to the community. My abstract will be a stellar one ?

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. Clementine MUKAMANA

    woww amazing one cant’t miss

  4. Damien niyonsaba

    Thank for providing this opportunity to youth researchers!!

  5. Damien niyonsaba

    We thank you for providing this opportunity to youth researchers.
    Let us register naw

  6. BYIRINGIRO Boniface

    Hello every one! I am BYIRINGIRO Boniface. I am RVCPian . i am interested in this conference .

    Dont Miss please

    1. Oreste_h

      Yeah, you are right BYIRINGIRO.

      Let’s us show the world that we are able.

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